2BM Consulting through SQL Server remote database administration package, offers the following services:

  • Initial SQL Server configuration analysis
  • Create and monitor SQL Server databases backup procedures
  • Installation and initial configuration of backup / recovery software
  • SQL Server data migrations and database refreshes
  • Proactive data storage administration
  • Database disaster recovery planning
  • Import and export data as required
  • Windows and SQL Server user security and permissions management
  • Monitoring SQL Server instances for alerts on daily basis
  • Monitor SQL Server performance
  • SQL Server and Database Tuning
  • Daily tasks routines

SQL Server Client Requirements 

The clients must provide secure external access to their SQL servers over the Internet.  This can be accomplished by using VPN connections.

The 2BM Consulting’s specialists will recommend the usage of specific proprietary software programs that can improve the general database administration work flow (performance monitoring, databases backups, etc). Buying the software’s licenses is entirely the client’s decision.
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The client must agree to allow 2BM Consulting’s DBAs changes to all production and non-production SQL Servers in administration.  This implies modifications to the SQL Server environment level, database level or operating system level.

Bucharest City Area

2BM Consulting provides full time or part-time Microsoft SQL Server DBAs for companies located in Bucharest City’s area. 2BM Consulting will assure both on-site work and remote monitoring. An initial analysis will be performed during which the SQL Servers will be properly configured and optimized.

Outside Bucharest City

2BM Consulting provides this service also to companies located outside Bucharest City.  In this situation, both initial analysis and remote monitoring will be performed remotely, using remote desktop through VPN connections.