Administering my company’s SQL Servers imply work at our headquarters?

If your Company’s headquarters are located in Bucharest City our work will imply both on-site work and remote monitoring. Most of the time we work from our location excepting the initial SQL Server analysis and the situations when the nature of the interventions implies movement.

Do we need to by any addition software licenses?

The 2BM Consulting’s specialists can recommend the usage of specific proprietary software programs that can improve the general database administration work flow (performance monitoring, databases backups, etc). Buying the software’s licenses is entirely the client’s decision.

What are the client requirements? 

In order for 2BM Consulting’s dbas to work remotely, the client must provide secure external access to their hosting SQL servers over the Internet.  This can be accomplished by using VPN connections.

In the situations when the completion of service requires work at the client’s location the 2BM Consulting’s dbas must have the proper access to the company’s internal network in order to access and administer the servers that have instances of SQL Server installed. Sometimes client needs to provide available computers for the 2BM Consulting’s dbas to work from.

In both cases (remote or on-site interventions) the client must agree to allow our dbas changes to all production and non-production SQL Servers in administration.  This implies modifications to the SQL Server environment level, database level or operating system level.

What does the initial analysis imply?

2BM Consulting administrators performs an initial evaluation to review Client’s database environment in order to suggest any improvements, updates, upgrades and/or performance enhancements that may be beneficial to Client.

If the Client is located in Bucharest city area the initial analysis will be performed on site otherwise it will be done remotely using remote desktop connections.

What is the time coverage of the service?

2BM Consulting assure the availability of the service during the client’s working hours. In special situation like SQL Server crashes or urgent tasks we extend our services availability as long as needed.

Do you require a signed contract?

Yes, a contract will be sign between us and the client.

Do you charge for travel time or expenses?

We charge for travel expenses, depending on the client’s location. This is usually negotiated before the signing of the contract.

How about sensitive data, is there any agreement on this?

The client might need to give us access to sensitive information that helps us completing our tasks. We keep total discretion upon this.

This will also be stipulated in our contract.

How do I pay for your services?

We will send you an invoice at end of the each month for the service provided, according to the contract.