The process of hiring and training full-time database administrators it’s usually time consuming and pretty expensive.

Fortunately database administration can be an outsourceable component of your company’s IT department.

The 2BM Consulting’s Remote DBA service represents a cost-effective alternative to hired full-time DBAs.

Our services include different levels of system monitoring and administration with the help of qualified DBAs.

Our experts will monitor your SQL Server instances and will assure the highest database availability.

Our outsourced DBA service is highly recommended for small and medium size companies who need to be sure that their databases are being supported by competent professionals.

The reasons why your company should choose 2BM Consulting’s remote DBA service are:

  • Reduce the cost of maintaining the database environment
  • Receive immediate help from people with a high level of DBA competences
  • Avoid the effort of recruiting or training a full-time DBA but still need to have the databases maintained by qualified experts
  • Ensure that your databases are being monitored properly 8×5 (this is the standard time coverage if not else agreed upon)